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After submitting the Google Form Application, please fill out the following information to complete your application process.

Price: $ 35.00
**Audition fees are non-refundable.
Requirements for Entry -

Community Musician:
Age: 25 years minimum at time of audition 

Education: No degree in music performance, OR current student or recent graduate (2018 or newer) with a bachelor's degree in music performance, OR older advanced degree with Amateur Category experience level.
Experience: Limited/no experience that is relevant to being a professional soloist, such as paid performances in a concert setting, or teaching advanced students (i.e. college level or equivalent)
Must be an active member of a community ensemble in which you perform on the instrument/vocal part you will use to participate in the CCC.

Professional – NOT ELIGIBLE:

Experience: Makes primary living performing with his/her voice or instrument, OR makes primary living teaching his/her voice or instrument to advanced students (i.e. college level or equivalent), OR has appeared as a professional soloist with a major professional orchestra or opera company (e.g. Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Dallas Opera)

Rules and Regulations
The audition fee is $35 per person**, and is due at the time of application located here:
All performers must audition with an accompanist (one will not be provided). The performer is responsible for any and all necessary travel or accommodation fees.
**Audition fees are non-refundable.

Repertoire Requirements:
Applicants must submit video recording of:
One single movement from a concerto (ten minute time limit), or other orchestrated solo work.
Selections must be performed with orchestra or piano accompaniment.
Performance by memory is preferred but not required.
Double concertos are accepted
Piano soloists do need to provide accompaniment

Video guidelines:
Videos will be uploaded via the link on the application page (
Acceptable video formats, .mp4, wmv, or .avi. However, you must Zip these files for best transport. (i.e. .zip or .7z)
Recordings should be a fair representation of the Contestant’s abilities, but need not be of a professional quality.
Recording file name must include contestant name and instrument.
Only unedited video can be accepted for the audition (parts of video connected together or video clips are not acceptable).
The selection of the three (3) finalists in each category will be based solely upon the video recordings submitted.