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2021 – 2022

NTSO Season 18 - RENEWAL - Artwork includes images from the three main concerts.

“Imagination”—a look at what can be. This first concert will incorporate inventive composers from the past and today and consider how we can be more adventurous and creative in our lives. You just need a ticket.  Tickets are FREE.  Click HERE to get one.

  • Kathryn Bostic, Portrait of a Peaceful Warrior                                          
  • Franz Liszt, Piano Concerto No. 2 in A Major, S. 125
    • Dr. Baya Kakouberi, piano
  • Edvard Grieg, Symphonic Dances, Op. 64

Featuring Pianist Baya Kakouberi.  CLICK HERE FOR BIO

Come and hear some holiday favorites while you are out shopping!

NORTHPARK at 7 pm Friday, December 3

REDBIRD at 2 pm Saturday, December 4


“Revolution” will feature music that is considered ahead of its time and an exciting collaboration with Dallas Black Dance Theatre. Concerts are FREE. You just need a ticket.  Click HERE to get one.

“Celebration” of how we have moved forward through the tribulations and look at how music brings support and comfort. This final concert will feature a local classical guitar duo, as well as a local organization, Swan Strings, that gives free guitar lessons to youth in southern Dallas. You just need a ticket.  Tickets are FREE. Click HERE to get one.