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Volunteer Support

We welcome the support of our community. We have a particular interest in volunteers who are able to donate their time and expertise in the following ways:

  • Social Media
  • Grant Writing
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Stage Crew
  • Audio/Visual

To volunteer, please send an email to:quince.holman@ntso.org and let us know what you are interested in. 

NTSO IMAG0213_altCRESCENDO Capital Campaign

Without the contributions of our many supporters, patrons and players alike, the music of the NTSO would not be heard. This is your opportunity to help us make a noise in the Dallas music community! Become a donor to the New Texas Symphony Orchestra through the NTSO CRESCENDO Capital Campaign.

Your generous donations go a long way to helping us continue to provide our music for the community we serve.

PIANISSIMO: $0 – $99

Donors in this group are fans of the Orchestra. This large number of members carries a quiet influence. You recruit friends, volunteer time, and are usually the first to arrive at an event. Without you, the New Texas Symphony Orchestra would be silent.

PIANO: $100 – $249

If you give at this level, you have chosen a cause that you believe in. You understand the mission and vision of the Orchestra and want it to succeed. Without you, the New Texas Symphony Orchestra’s mission and vision are muted.

MEZZO-PIANO: $250 – $499

Members of this group believe that worthy causes and organizations deserve public support. You have chosen the New Texas Symphony Orchestra. Without you, the dreams of many are diminished.

MEZZO-FORTE: $500 – $999

Your enthusiastic support allows the Orchestra to look to the future, making plans to grow both musically and by reputation. As the New Texas Symphony Orchestra makes more noise in the community, you are proud of your association. Without you, future sounds will fade.

FORTE: $1,000 – $4,999

Your generosity establishes you as a valued friend. It tells the community that you are willing to display your values. You have the ability to demonstrate leadership. Without you, the world will not hear the New Texas Symphony Orchestra.

FORTISSIMO: $5,000 and up

As individual and corporate sponsors, you want to call the New Texas Symphony Orchestra your family. You hold the Orchestra in high esteem. The Orchestra can be loud and proud with your continued support and devotion. With you, the New Texas Symphony Orchestra vision, mission and dreams can fully CRESCENDO